Ha 😀 shameless self portrait

My name is Lisa. Currently I work at an automotive body shop by day and am taking classes for web design by night, both educational in their own right of course.

It’s my dream to start a design firm which I could run remotely while escaping the 30 below windchill of my home state. More than that I’m dying to see some things and learn more about people in general. It’s also a deep desire of mine to be a wife and mother, and really if I could have that the rest is quite negotiable… but… it’s not like I can make that happen by working hard. 😉

Through the years one thing I’ve learned is struggle is far more about perspective, about what we allow it to shape us into. Tears abound in everyone’s life no doubt as it has in mine, but I want to rise from that rather than let it turn me into a victim. Honesty is probably the most valuable thing one can cultivate through struggle, looking your pain straight in the face for what it is, and yes, it SUCKS, but after that there’s a much better chance that you’ll move on because you won’t waste so much time running away from or being afraid of it. What gets me the most is the light, that light that peeks through a leak in the board that has been placed over the hole I’m stuck in and trying to crawl out of, that light that gives hope beyond the stark realization of how some things, ideas, or people have failed. It’s that hope that gives me the courage to keep going and to believe there are better things ahead in spite of a reality that may be screaming the opposite.

That’s what I want this to be about.

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